Full frame image sensor


PURPOSE: To read a signal charge by one frame even from a vertical CCD while improving a hybrid image sensor by allocating two photo diodes and one cell of vertical CCDs possible for photoelectric conversion to each color of the three primary colors. CONSTITUTION: One picture element consists of two photo diodes arranged vertically and one cell of vertical CCDs arranged aside. The signal charge formed in a photo diode 2 is read from horizontal CCDs 4, 5 via the vertical CCD 3. The signal charge formed in the vertical CCD 3 is transferred to the transfer section 7 of the storage section 6 via the two horizontal CCDs 4, 5. The storage picture element section 8 of the storage section 6 is provided by a saving gate electrode arranged along the transfer section 7 to store the signal charge tentatively and the electric charge is sent from the transfer section to an absorbing and transfer section depending on the switching of the transfer gate and the depth of the potential well formed under the electrode. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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