Bolt/washer assembling device


PURPOSE: To improve the general use performance and the productionability, by fitting a washer handed from a washer positioning means through a robot hand over a bolt shaft section being positioned through a bolt positioning means then carrying thus making a bolt washer assembling means adaptable for any size. CONSTITUTION: A hand device 13 of a robot 4 moves in the direction Y then positioned by a positioning device 12 at the tip of a linear vibration feeder 8 and stops when it arrives above a stopping spring washer. The member is held again by an arm section and the hand device 13 is moved reversely in the direction Y then stops above a bolt being positioned by a bolt positioning means 10 located in front of a linear vibration feeder 6, thereafter moves downward and releases the spring washer thus fitting the spring washer over the foot section of the bolt. Then it moves upward again and stops above a Y- direction flat washer positioning device 11 to hold the flat washer and moves above the bolt positioning device 10 again so as to fit the flat washer over the foot section of the bolt. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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