Preparation of granulated green tea


PURPOSE: To prepare the objective green tea having excellent decoction property, giving a decocted liquid having excellent flavor and taste and useful as a bagged green tea, etc., at a low cost, by granulating green tea leaves in the form of granule having a specific diameter, drying with hot or cold air in stationary state and heat-drying under rotation. CONSTITUTION: Steamed and roughly rolled tea leaves having a water-content of decreased to about 120W70% are ground, kneaded and granulated in the form of granule having a diameter of 5W10mm. The particles of the granulated tea leaves are dried with hot or cold air in stationary state relative to container, conveyor belt, etc., for holding the drying material in a drier until the water- content of the particle decreases to about 50W25%, when the particle is heated and dried under rotation or vibration in contact with a hot surface to obtain the objective green tea. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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