Image receptive sheet and transferred image forming method


PURPOSE:To eliminate the need for after-exposing after transfer on final image receiving paper and surface roughening treatment after formation of a transferred image by forming an image receptive layer consisting of a thermoplastic org. polymer on a base having a roughened surface. CONSTITUTION:The image receptive layer 2 consisting of the thermoplastic org. polymer is formed on the base 1 having the roughened surface. A colored image 6 is obtd. if an image forming material formed by coating a coloring agent layer 4 and a photosensitive compsn. layer 5 successively on the base 3 is used and is subjected to imagewise exposing through a color sepn. mask, then to developing. After such image 6 is transferred onto the image receptive sheet, the base 3 of the image forming material is stripped. Since the base of the image receptive sheet has the roughened surface, the image transferred onto the final image receiving paper after the stripping of the base 1 has the roughened surface and the need for making the fresh surface roughening treatment is eliminated. A resin which is hard at a low temp. and generates tackiness when heated is more preferable as the thermoplastic org. polymer to be used for the image receptive layer 2.




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