80kgf/mm2 class low-carbon cr-mo steel plate


PURPOSE: To obtain the titled steel plate having high strength, toughness and superior weld crack resistance and capable of being welded without preheating by specifying the amount of C, the ratio of Mn to C and the total amount of constituent elements represented by a specified formula. CONSTITUTION: This heat treated 80kgf/mm 2 class low-carbon Cr-Mo steel plate contains 0.05W0.10% C, 0.05W0.50% Si, 0.75W1.40% Mn, 0.50W1.40% Cr, 0.20%n0.80% Mo, 0.01W0.10% V and 0.0003W0.0018% B and has ≥10 ratio of Mn to C and ≤0.20% P c M defined by the formula. The Cr-Mo steel plate is suitably used in case of ≤40mm thickness. The steel plate can be manufactured as usual by subjecting a steel ingot or slab having the above-mentioned composition to hot rolling, direct quenching and tempering. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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