Apparatus for measuring multilayer film


PURPOSE: To measure the thickness of each layer constituting a multilayer film, by changing the incident angle of luminous flux incident on the multilayer film to use to beam refracted by the multilayer film as a detection signal and performing operation on the basis of said detection signal. CONSTITUTION: Three laser beams different in phase from each other become one luminous beam which is, in turn, reflected by a mirror 36 to pass through a condensing lens 37 and widened by a predetermined angle θ in a cylindrical lens 40 to irradiate a multilayer film F. In this case, the delay of phase is generated between a large number of film layers constituting the multilayer film F and, corresponding to the degree of the delay of the phase, the incident angles of beam to the film layers respectively change. By this mechanism, interference fringes are generated on a light receiving element 51. The interval generating interference especially strongly among the interference fringes is the data containing the numerical value of the film thickness of the multilayer film F and, on the basis of this data, operational processing is performed by a signal processing and numerical value operational processing circuit 61 to calculate the thickness of the multilayer film F. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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