Dc motor


PURPOSE: To prevent generation of the deviation of a commutator on a rotary shaft and facilitate the manufacture of the title DC motor, by a method wherein the rotary shaft is molded by resin and respective segments for the commutator are fixed to the rotary shaft through molding upon molding. CONSTITUTION: Segments 11 for a commutator are arranged on the inner peripheral surface of the predetermined position of a mold for molding a rotary shaft 10 and resin is poured into the mold whereby the segments 11 are secured to the rotary shaft simultaneously with the molding of the rotary shaft 10. As a result, the segments 11 are insulated mutually by resin, present between segment and integral with the rotary shaft 10. The riser parts 12 of the segments 11 are connected to the lead wires of an armature coil 5. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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