Method and device for straightening steel strip


PURPOSE: To positively straighten winding wrinkles and to simplify the device by further bending cambers of a steel strip caused by winding in a roll-shape into the same direction as that of the strip camber and making the camber amount constant, temporarily slacking the strip down, and feeding the strip to a metal die. CONSTITUTION: An end part of a steel strip A wound in a roll-shaped is held between a pinch roller 32 and bending rollers 34a, 34b constituting a bend feeder mechanism 30. The strip A is bent by a prescribed amount, is hung down in a pit 12a, and is carried by the roller 32 driven and rotated in the direction of the arrow. The strip A abuts on the upper side of guide rollers 36aW36d, reaches guide rollers 38aW38e, and is further guided to a leveler feeder mecha nism 40. In the mechanism 40, a lever roller 18 is shifted down so as to press and bend the strip A downward, so that the strip A is straightened to be nearly flat. The straightened strip A is held between pinch rollers 50a, 50b and is supplied to a metal die device working the strip A into a prescribed shape. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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