Electric appliance remote-controlled by remote control transmitter


PURPOSE: To simplify an operation by inerlocking the power source ON-OFF switch of an electronic appliance main body simultaneously with loading/ unloadeding operation by a remote control transmitter. CONSTITUTION: A video disk player main body 4 is provided with the remote control transmitter 3 and a remote control housing part 1. Therein the push switch 2 turning ON and OFF the power source of the main body 4 is provided. If the backward part of the remote control transmitter 3 housed when the player main body is used is depressed, the forward part depresses the push switch 2 to turn on the power source of the main body 4. Simultaneously the remote control transmitter 3 can be taken out due to the resilient force of the slide part 5 of the push switch 2. At the end of using the player main body, the remote control transmitter 3 is inserted into the housing part 1. Then the switch 2 is depressed simultaneously with the housing of the remote control transmitter 3, whereby the power source of the main body 4 can be turned off. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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