Magneto-optical recording medium


PURPOSE: To obtain a medium which excels in all of an anisotropic magnetic field, perpendicular coercive force, Kerr rotating angle, Faraday rotating angle and environmental resistance by using a perpendicularly magnetically anisotropic film which consists of partial oxide of iron or iron.cobalt and has the axis of easy magnetization in the direction perpendicular to the film plane to constitute the magneto-optical recording medium. CONSTITUTION: The concn. of oxygen in the magneto-optical recording medium consisting of the partial oxide of the iron or iron.cobalt is specified to 10W60atom%, more preferably 20W50%. The ratio of the cobalt in the film is specified to ≤75atom% of the total content of the iron and cobalt. More specifically, micro cobalt sheets are dispersed and placed on a thin iron sheet and are disposed to face a glass substrate having 1mm thickness apart at several cm therefrom and the film is formed by sputtering at the time of forming the perpendicularly magnetically anisotropic film consisting of the partial oxide of the iron cobalt. Gaseous Ar and gaseous O 2 are filled in the device and the gaseous pressures are respectively regulated to 3×10 -3 , 4.5×10 -4 Torr, then the sputtering is executed for several minutes. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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