Projection display assembly



In order to overcome the problem that a split type projection display assembly of the prior art is large in needed space for installation, difficult in installation, limited in utilization occasion and inconvenient to carry and other problems, the utility model discloses a projection display assembly consisting of a mini-sized projector and a display screen, a support plate protrudes in the horizontal direction from a projector pedestal, the support plate is shaped like a V, an included angle formed by a horizontal segment and an inclined segment of the support plate is an acute angle, and the inclined segment of the support plate is connected with the display screen. The beneficial effects of the projection display assembly are that the projection display assembly is simple and compact in structure and is portable; the projection display assembly can be used outdoors; touch control of the display screen is realized, and therefore detailed parts of figure images can be again displayed in an amplified manner; requirements of a user can be met.




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