Projection apparatus for ideological and political training


  • Inventors: YANG XIAOLI
  • Assignees: 燕山大学
  • Publication Date: April 16, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203552483-U


The utility model discloses a projection apparatus for ideological and political training. The projection apparatus comprises a seat body. Wheels are arranged below the seat body. The projection apparatus also comprises a base plate and a substrate. The base plate is hinged to one end of the substrate; a projector is fixed on the substrate through a binding belt; the base plate is provided with a movable sleeve; the movable sleeve is internally in threaded connection with a supporting rod with a round head at the top; the side surface of the base plate is provided with a tightening screw for tightening the movable sleeve; the lower end surface of the substrate is provided with a limiting groove in contact with the supporting rod; and the base plate is connected with the seat body through a shaft. The projection apparatus for ideological and political training has the following advantages: the substrate can be flipped for adjusting the angle of the projection apparatus and facilitating the demonstration of presentation slides of users; the movable sleeve can move, the supporting rod can also move, and the movable sleeve and the supporting rod can readjust the angle of the projection apparatus so that the adjustment scope is larger, and the user is more convenient; and the limiting groove and the supporting rod are in contact so as to better support the supporting rod and prevent the shaking of the supporting rod, and the stability is higher.




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