Perfluoroalkyl indolizine derivative and synthesis method thereof



The invention relates to a perfluoroalkyl indolizine derivative and a synthesis method thereof. A structural formula of the perfluoroalkyl indolizine derivative is as shown in the specification, wherein R1 refers to H, CH3 and CO2Me; R2 refers to hydrogen, chlorine, methoxyl, nitryl or methyl; RF refers to C1-C3 perfluoroalkyl. Easily acquirable pyridine derivatives, w-bromoacetophenone derivatives and perfluoroalkyl methyl propiolate mature in synthesis technique are adopted as raw materials for one-pot synthesis of the perfluoroalkyl indolizine derivative step by step. The perfluoroalkyl methyl propiolate used as the raw materials is subjected to Michael addition under certain conditions to obtain the perfluoroalkyl indolizine derivative, operations are greatly simplified, and high atom economy and environment friendliness are realized; due to adoption of acetonitrile as a solvent, low environment pollution is realized; high regioselectivity and high yield are achieved. Therefore, the synthesis method is a novel effective method for synthesis of the perfluoroalkyl indolizine derivative.




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