Occlusion type extension socket



The invention discloses an occlusion type extension socket. The occlusion type extension socket comprises a shell, an anti-thunder module and jacks; a rotary jack panel, a power supply switch button and a power supply indication lamp are arranged on the shell; the anti-thunder module comprises an anti-thunder circuit board and an anti-thunder indication lamp; the anti-thunder module is arranged in the inverted conical shell and respectively connected with the jacks, the power supply indication lamp and a power supply switch in series; and the jacks are elastic jacks and provided with jack buttons for controlling the jacks. According to the occlusion type extension socket disclosed by the invention, the anti-thunder module can effectively block coupling current generated by lightening stroke, such that electrical appliances can be effectively protected; plugs of the electrical appliances can be pulled out without difficulty through the elastic jacks; the flexibility of the extension socket is improved through the rotary jack panel; and thus, the occlusion type extension socket disclosed by the invention is practical and safe.




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