Preparation technology of anti-counterfeit package material through cold transfer film method



The invention discloses a preparation technology of an anti-counterfeit package material through a cold transfer film method. The preparation technology comprises the following steps: painting a laser transfer paint on a PET film, drying; mould-pressing the PET film coated by the laser transfer paint by a mould pressing machine to obtain a laser film; washing the smooth surface of an aluminum foil by a mixed solvent, which is composed of ethanol and acetone according to a volume ratio of 3-8:1, drying the aluminum foil in a baking oven, painting a glue layer on the aluminum foil, immediately adhering the laser film on the glue layer of the aluminum foil, transferring the aluminum foil to a cold press roller to carry out cold pressing combination; after cold pressing combination, allowing the aluminum foil to stand still at a room temperature, peeling off the PET film to obtain a primary product of laser material, and laminating an outer protective layer on the laser anti-counterfeit layer of the primary product to obtain the laser material product. Cold transfer film method is adopted, the laser anti-counterfeit layer and aluminum foil are combined together, before combination, the aluminum foil is clean to remove the impurities so as to guarantee the product quality, and the obtained product has the advantages of stable structure, high yield, high surface quality, and low damage rate.




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