Antipollution ultrafiltration membrane of amino acid grafting composite cellulose and preparation method thereof



The invention discloses an antipollution ultrafiltration membrane of amino acid grafting composite cellulose. An ultrafiltration membrane of sodium oxide nanocellulose composite cellulose acetate is adopted as a basic membrane and activated in a solution containing a carbonyl activating agent formed by a condensating agent and amide and is then grafted with amino acid to obtain the antipollution ultrafiltration membrane, the chemical general formula of the amino acid is NH2-R-CH(NH2)-COOH, wherein R is an alkyl chain. The preparation method comprises the steps: preparing a primary membrane casting solution; preparing a composite cellulose membrane casting solution; preparing a composite cellulose ultrafiltration membrane; activating: activating carbonyl functional groups in the sodium oxide nanocellulose; and grafting: washing the activated composite cellulose ultrafiltration membrane, and soaking in an amino acid solution to obtain the composite cellulose ultrafiltration membrane. The ultrafiltration membrane prepared by adopting the preparation method of the invention has the advantages of good compressive compactness, good antipollution effect, easiness for washing the membrane and the like; and the cellulose is wide in source, low in price, low in cost, wide in application field, easy to degrade and harmless to the environment.




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