Method for arranging falling impact load resisting safety belt mooring connectors of high T-tail



The invention discloses a method for arranging falling impact load resisting safety belt mooring connectors of a high T-tail. The method includes the following steps that A, falling impact loads borne by the connectors are accurately evaluated according to the arrangement of a wingspan and ribs of a horizontal tail structure in combination with an impulse load principle as well as Chinese national standards and mechanical properties related to a safety belt; B, the number of the connectors is reasonably set according to load data obtained in the step A; C, the effect that the safety belt is easily hung on the safety belt connectors is guaranteed according to the sizes of the safety belt connectors, the sizes of holes of the mooring connectors are reduced to the maximum degree, and the sectional dimensions of the connectors are reduced as much as possible so as to reduce the weight of the connectors; D, catia is used for modeling, and detail design such as connection, chamfering and rounding is considered; and E, PATRAN is used for building a finite element model and conducting optimization analysis. The safety belt mooring connector arrangement involved in the method can effectively improve the maintainability of an airplane, guarantee the life safety of maintenance personnel and prevent structural damage.




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