High-toughness transparent reinforced AS material and preparation method thereof



A high-toughness transparent reinforced AS material comprises the components by the weight percentage: 66%-89% of AS resin; 3%-5% of a surface active agent; 5%-30% of a glass fiber; 0.2%-0.6% of a coupling agent; and 0.5%-1% of other auxiliary agents. The high-toughness transparent reinforced AS material provided by the invention makes up the shortcomings that conventional materials cannot meet rigidity, toughness and transparency requirements, and besides, has the advantages of relatively good toughness, rigidity and transparency, relatively high thermal deformation temperature, relatively low cost, simple preparation process, and easily controlled process. The high-toughness transparent reinforced AS material can be widely applied in mechanical parts, fan blades, air conditioning cross-flow fans, electrical and electronic accessories and the like. In addition, the invention also provides a preparation method of the high-toughness transparent reinforced AS material.




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