Manufacturing method for large-diameter thick-wall seamless zirconium pipe



The invention discloses a manufacturing method for a large-diameter seamless zirconium pipe. The method comprises the steps as follows: secondary smelting is carried out by using a vacuum arc remelting furnace, so that a cast ingot are formed; twice firing forging and bar processing of the cast ingot are carried out, and then three-high cross piercing is carried out, so that a pipe billet is formed; the pipe billet after sand blasting and acid pickling is stretched and expanded, and every time the pipe billet is stretched and expanded, lubricating agent cleaning and recrystallization vacuum annealing treatment of the stretched and expanded pipe are carried out sequentially; furthermore, cold rolling is carried out for once or twice, so that the finished pipe is obtained; and finally, the finished pipe is deoiled and the vacuum annealing treatment of the deoilded pipe is carried out, and then acid pickling of the pipe is carried out, so that the large-diameter zirconium pipe is obtained. The thick-wall zirconium pipe manufactured with the method has excellent mechanical property, is mainly applied to the fields of pressure vessels, industrial pipelines, condensers, well drilling and the like in the petroleum industry, the chemical engineering industry, the marine industry and the like, and meets the requirements of anti-corrosion pipes.




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