Hydraulic brake device



The invention relates to a hydraulic brake device and belongs to the technical field of hydraulic transmission. The hydraulic brake device mainly comprises an output shaft, a body shell, a seam allowance cover, bearings, a piston, a spring, a friction pair and the like. The two bearings are installed on the output shaft. One of the bearings is installed in the body shell, and the other bearing is installed on the seam allowance cover. The bearings are full-capacity roller bearings. Each roller bearing is formed by assembling a roller and a supporting body. Each supporting body is machined into a whole and can bear large radial force and bidirectional axial force. The overall structure is simple, the axial-direction size is short, the hydraulic brake device can bear large radial force and bidirectional axial force, and manufacturing, assembling and maintaining manufacturability is good.




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