Automatic controller for electrical heating foot warming panel


  • Inventors: ZHOU YUNXIA
  • Assignees: 周云侠
  • Publication Date: March 16, 2016
  • Publication Number: CN-105395312-A


The invention provides an automatic controller for an electrical heating foot warming panel. The automatic controller is characterized by comprising a 220V alternating-current power source, a resistance-capacitance phase-shift circuit, a bidirectional silicon-controlled control circuit and an electrical heating wire. When people do homework, or watch TV or work in a room without heating or air-conditioners in winter, the problem can be solved by using the electrical heating foot warming panel for warming feet, and in the using process, people do not need to take off shoes or change the shoes, and can directly put the feet wearing the shoes on the electrical heating foot warming panel; the electrical heating foot warming panel is more practical, more convenient and safer than various electrical heating shoe covers provided with power lines and pushed in the market. The automatic controller for the electrical heating foot warming panel has the advantages of being high in applicability, low in circuit power consumption, high in work reliability and the like, and is suitable for being used in places such as common families and offices. The automatic controller for the electrical heating foot warming panel is suitable for batch development in factories.




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