Preparation method of Ag2S/Ag3PO4 composite photocatalyst



The invention belongs to the technical fields of chemistry and chemical engineering an environmental engineering, and specifically relates to a preparation method of an Ag2S/Ag3PO4 composite photocatalyst. According to the technical key points of the invention, the method comprises the following steps of: putting Ag3PO4 into a Na2S aqueous solution in a certain S/P molar ratio at the room temperature, and stirring; washing and drying an obtained product; and baking at a certain temperature to obtain a product, i.e., the Ag2S/Ag3PO4 composite photocatalyst. In the method, a series of novel Ag2S/Ag3PO4 composite photocatalysts are obtained by doping Ag2S into the surface of Ag3PO4 through an ion exchange method and baking; and as proved by the application of an Ag2S/Ag3PO4 composite photocatalyst to photocatalytic degradation research on rhodamine B, remarkably higher photocatalytic activity than pure Ag3PO4 can be realized for the composite photocatalyst by easily regulating and controlling the S/P molar ratio of an initial raw material and the baking temperature.




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