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US-3542329-A: Molding apparatus for forming a plurality of structural elements patent, US-3542413-A: Apparatus for storing spare wheels under vehicles patent, US-3544701-A: System for transposing the wires of a power transmission line,mainly of a high voltage power transmission line patent, US-3545498-A: Loom dobbies patent, US-3547444-A: Mathematically formulated and androgynously linked polygonal and polyhedral gamepieces patent, US-3549863-A: Temperature control arrangement patent, US-3550407-A: Cascade dam patent, US-3551790-A: Transducer for converting mechanical force to an electric output signal patent, US-3552114-A: Potentially crimpable composite filament yarn made of thermoplastic high polymers and usable for a crepe fabric patent, US-3553281-A: Isomerization process and catalyst therefor patent, US-3555911-A: Sampler splitter valve patent, US-3558239-A: Power steering back-up pressure system patent, US-3558662-A: 5-nitro-2-thiazole-2-oxazolidinones patent, US-3559124-A: Magnetically actuated reed switches patent, US-3566448-A: Apparatus for the continuous production of sections of foamed materials,particularly on a polyurethane base patent, US-3568371-A: Lapping and polishing machine patent, US-3574093-A: Combination process for treatment of hydrocarbon streams containing mercapto compounds patent, US-3574725-A: Method for preparing l-(-)-alpha-methyl-beta-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-alanine patent, US-3579617-A: Method of installing surface plate patent, US-3582124-A: Portable handle,especially for use in public transportation vehicle patent, US-3586173-A: Food service patent, US-3587823-A: Transfer mechanism patent, US-3591511-A: Corrosion inhibiting system patent, US-3595582-A: Golf putter patent, US-3595860-A: Process for preparing 4,4'-diphthalimidinyl stilbene compounds patent, US-3597529-A: System for the correction of differential phase distortion in a color television signal patent, US-3602482-A: Motorized winch patent, US-3602508-A: Racing game with randomly accelerated drive elements patent, US-3605287-A: Amusement and teaching device patent, US-3606948-A: Garment hanger hardware patent, US-3615046-A: Wig stand patent, US-3617853-A: Battery voltage regulating system using a transistor switching circuit patent, US-3618183-A: Insert pressure controller patent, US-3627280-A: Apparatus for mixing and dispersing liquids and liquids with solids patent, US-3632738-A: Method for the x-ray visualization of body cavities and a preparation for carrying out the method patent, US-3634538-A: Proportionation of olefins patent, US-3640689-A: Composite hard metal product patent, US-3640982-A: Process for the eliminating of compounds with acid function dissolved in a liquid medium patent, US-3647837-A: Synthesis of organolead compounds patent, US-3663553-A: Di-silver aminotetrazole perchlorate patent, US-3664589-A: Aerating device patent, US-3664847-A: Process for preparing instant corn grits patent, US-3671342-A: Dynamite composition containing expanded thermoplastic beads patent, US-3672438-A: Guide-roll rack and supporting structure therefor patent, US-3674525-A: Plasticized sulfur compositions patent, US-3684513-A: Color photographic silver dye bleach material containing azo dyes with acyl blocked auxochromic groups patent, US-3694760-A: Feedback switching circuit for eliminating error signals patent, US-3698727-A: Distortable seal ring patent, US-3702892-A: Halobenzoylpropionic acid esters as insect repellants patent, US-3713396-A: Single turntable apparatus for positioning railroad ties patent, US-3714369-A: Pedestal for electrical circuit components having a flexible protective dielectric shield patent, US-3715827-A: Magazine tube mounting for sling swivel patent, US-3716937-A: Fishing lure patent, US-3721502-A: Portable apparatus for cleaning window-panes or the like patent, US-3736261-A: Method for the production of stable water fogs using an emulsified water-evaporation retarding chemical mixture patent, US-3747095-A: Synchronous satellite tracking system patent, US-3757026-A: Piano striking mechanism patent, US-3757226-A: Orse code type signals digital means for improving the signal to noise ratio of repetitive m patent, US-3762820-A: Self levelling laser reference plane patent, US-3776844-A: Composition and method for treating fibrous material patent, US-3780002-A: Broad molecular weight butyl rubber process patent, US-3806448-A: Biological waste treatment process patent, US-3808184-A: Method of reducing polymerization of vinyl chloride in a monomer recovery system patent, US-3811985-A: Method for making price shields or the like patent, US-3820045-A: Double-tuned circuit device patent, US-3829666-A: Circuit for automatic referring of gas turbine performance parameters patent, US-2413905-A: Conservation flag patent, US-2414067-A: Tire traction device patent, US-2428081-A: Transfer tail winding device patent, US-2433187-A: Controlled refrigerating apparatus with secondary refrigerating circuit patent, US-2438383-A: Unshorting switch patent, US-2443986-A: Winding machine patent, US-2448484-A: Altimetric-stereo-corrector patent, US-2458779-A: Pressure releaser milker patent, US-2469980-A: Sander patent, US-2483620-A: Counting and timing circuits patent, US-2494002-A: Creaming of mixtures of synthetic rubber latices of different average particle sizes patent, US-2520097-A: Production of alkyl pyridines patent, US-2525866-A: Air circulation control for refrigerator trucks patent, US-2541962-A: Nosepiece spacer patent, US-2557458-A: Method of fusing alloy additions to a steel bath patent, US-2559750-A: Aqueous colloidal dispersions of polytetrafluoroethylene and the formation of shapedstructures therefrom patent, US-2577193-A: Tool for facilitating the removal of spring clips from sprocket chains and the like patent, US-2585414-A: Conveyer patent, US-2588960-A: Coffee dispenser patent, US-2598277-A: Rail lifter patent, US-2611247-A: Rotary turbine-type hydraulic coupling patent, US-2615009-A: Process for emulsion polymerization at low temperatures patent, US-2649041-A: Coffee maker patent, US-2649517-A: Document-actuated device for effectively delaying a switching interval patent, US-2650233-A: Haloalkoky derivatives of the cyclic ketals of warfarin patent, US-2654791-A: Production of 2-chloro-1-phenylpropane patent, US-2689836-A: Process of preparing polymers containing plasticizers patent, US-2696544-A: Electric resistance alloy patent, US-2697115-A: Process of producing lower alkyl esters of monohaloacetic acid from ketene, halogens, and alcohols patent, US-2710789-A: Method of preparing substantially pure potassium nitrate patent, US-2716809-A: Hair cutter patent, US-2724399-A: Lever type steam trap patent, US-2738805-A: Handle connection for plug valve patent, US-2746046-A: Heel attaching machines patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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